The "sharing economy" has been growing rapidly in recent years. In particular, the popular book by Rachel Botsmann and Roo Rogers "What's Mine is Yours" (2010) and the emergence of a number of large players in the sharing business, such as Uber and

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2 years ago

Thanks for the post Desireee - I will give a good read.

For anyone who wants to see the PDF without signing up - you can view it on my Google Drive here 😀

2 years ago

I actually wish people would stop using the "Sharing Economy". If I share something its free to the sharer. If they share something back then its also free with an understanding perhaps of relative values. As soon as somebody brings money into the equation its trade/business/commerce.

The sharing word is pure marketing speak.

Thanks for posting...very interesting...especially surveys on importance elements, one primary one of which is cost esepcially in the younger community who are a target market.

Danny ~ You will need to change the permission to any one with the link can view?

2 years ago

Changed 😀

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