Airbnb, the home-sharing site, has said it will give free housing to refugees and any others not allowed into the United States, presumably as a result of President Trump's executive order to temporarily ban refugees from the country.


last year

Is this political manoevring. I don't get it, does it mean free accommodation in transit or in the banned countries? A quick check shows:

  • Yemen : 2 properties
  • Syria:0
  • Iran: 0
  • Iraq: 23
  • Sudan: 0
  • Libya: 16
  • Somalia: 5
  • Lebanon: 306

TOTAL: 352

The Yemen properties:

Or maybe everybody head over to the Lebanon and take a free seaside break!

But seriously, is this anger or media opportunity?

last year

It's a great message and a nice gesture. I don't want to sound too cynical but it's also great marketing.

Perhaps they will have to pay for other accommodation.... like hotels

Kate ChanKate Chan
last year

Maybe because I'm a marketing gal, but I see such move as a great marketing tool. Not just Airbnb, but you can see it at Uber (backfire on them), Lyft, Starbucks, etc. I also like the fact that Brian Chesky made himself reachable via Twitter ➡

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