Bitmark is the property system for the digital environment. It enables individuals to claim ownership over personal data and digital assets.

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I am tempted to try a personal account then a work account - see where it leads...

This would be massive for VR owners and property managers?

  • no one knows who owns what anymore re the OTAs PMSs and Search sites
  • it may be a way to identify the owner of a property via images and copy
  • it may be helpful with fraud (bookers and listers) coming from the OTA's

All this may help point towards Listing Site Independance?

2 years ago

Interesting... It appears Bitmark has two goals:

1) provide individuals with a structured, secure system for assigning ownership to your digital assets and data;

2) pave the way to a more free and fair legal framework for our digital lives and valuables.

How exactly would you use it? You'd register everything which legally belongs to you digitally? Anything from your holiday homes to social media accounts.

Is this a good solution for transferring ownership of something? Could this relate to VR in some way?

2 years ago

Needs looking at for sure.

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