The vacation rental industry is giving a tough competition to the hotel industry. The competition is also sturdy internally as more property owners are listing their residences as a vacation rental. The real challenge for a property owner is how to make his home stand out from the rest and attract more guests.

Every guest looks for the same comfort and convenience in a rental similar to that of a hotel. The property owner should strive to exceed the expectations of the guests.

Here we have shared 6 awesome ways that will help you to make your vacation rental stand out and get more guests.

1. Define Your Market First

2. Go Beyond Expectations of the Guests

3. Be Your Own Vacation Rental Critic

4. Update Your Website Regularly

5. Be Social Media Savvy

6. Connect with Corporate Houses

Vacation rental owners only need to be proactive and adapt constantly to the updates in the market about the hospitality industry. Innovative ideas will surely help them to stand out from the competition.

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5 months ago


Nice post. I think you present some great tips to help owners improve their vacation rental performance. I especially liked the section about social media. I've noticed owners are becoming more interested in getting their properties out there in front of travelers through social channels - as a way to get bookings and brag about their amazing vacation homes!

Thanks, Lauren

Suzanne EvansSuzanne Evans
5 months ago

Thanks Lauren Kaye for the comment. Social media channels are the best and awesome way to market vacation rentals in front of more and more travelers. Lots of vacation rental owners gets more inquiries and bookings through social media.

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