Bloomberg recently published an article about growing tax revenue problems that have arisen with the widespread use of sharing economy giants like Airbnb. In a study delivered to Congress, it was revealed that billions of dollars in taxable rental income are likely being underreported each year. The study, done by

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Prepare your taxes - Pay your taxes - Sleep at night?

Mickey KropfMickey Kropf
2 years ago

Yes, unsettling indeed. The days of a simple sharing economy are behind us. Compliance is now a requirement as consumers and regulators demand more from market participants. The managers still thriving in this new world are positioned well to capitalize by handling such difficult, mundane, and arcane work.

2 years ago

Quite some unsettling elements for renters these days. Licenses, taxes, no doubt health and safety would be top of the legal list in the US. Be great to see an article on this.

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