HomeAway is self-destructing. Their latest business plan is just plain stupid and further compounds their declining popularity. As a customer of theirs for almost two decades, they removed one of our annual PAID subscription listings {with no warning} several days ago because we had included our Web site link on it. This was perfectly acceptable {and encouraged} months ago when we renewed the listing. We immediately deleted the link {which THEY could have easily done}, but they refuse to reinstate the listing after several requests. Therefore, we {of course} contacted our credit card company yesterday and disputed the charge. We are now voluntarily deactivating ALL of our property listings with them. Most of our current inquiries come from Airbnb, etc., anyway, that don't have a history of their online payment system getting hacked like HomeAway {Google it}.

We property owners need to revolt and boycott HomeAway's virtual monopoly of the vacation rental industry. Let's immediately transfer all our advertising dollars to other sites that actually have "customer service", and that don't force their loyal owners to use an unpopular/unsafe/expensive/confusing payment method! Also, we need to utilize social media every chance we get to comment about this.


2 years ago

I agree. I think instead trying to copy Airbnb they could have taken the exact opposite approach and improved connecting the guest to the owner - and announced they support the asset manager - rather than neglect them.

Perhaps there's room in the market for another listing website, one that doesn't follow in the footsteps of Airbnb - however, it would have to work as well and as seamlessly. But first, the guest needs to learn 'services fees' are optional if they book direct. Second problem would be generating traffic!

2 years ago

I suggest a closed "Master Mind" group because this will happen again as long as any website is privately owned.... don't blame them but yes, first round is shame on them... next round would be shame on us!

2 years ago

As a licensed real estate broker, I feel I am required to be transparent about who is actually collecting these VRBO/HA fees. I also have to be very careful to abide by the rules of managing a real estate trust account. I cannot understand why VRBO/HA is trying to force this type of payment on its paying customers (except for greed) and feel strongly that they disclose that they are the recipients of the monies collected.

I pay an annual fee to list my properties and never allow on line booking. My entire company was built on the cornerstone of providing personal service-which requires human contact. I speak to every one of my guests as I promised my owner clients I would do. I hope to discover a better advertising platform in this group.

VR ownerVR owner
2 years ago

Did you get anywhere with the credit card company with a chargeback?

There are still a lot of sites on HomeAway with their URL's added I notice..

Conrad O'ConnellConrad O'Connell
2 years ago

They seem to be inconsistent when enforcing this -- I think their documentation used to state you can link back to your website as a property manager as long as all of your rental inventory was on the site. Then, I had clients who had links approved even thought they only had 10% of their properties up and others who had every single property get denied. Very confusing.

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