As a owner of vacation rentals home, it is your responsibility to make sure your guests are happy and comfortable during their stay. This will not just help you retain your guests; but it will also help you grow your business. Happy guests will spread the word about your vacation rental and nothing works better than word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Warm Welcome
  • Welcome Family Pets
  • Cleanliness
  • Provide a Local Map and Tips for Entertainment
  • Shopping for Groceries
  • Towels and Bed Linen
  • Entertainment when Weather Plays Spoil Sport
  • Provide Equipment Guests May Not Bring
  • Keeping in Touch
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It's also important to help them have a good and smooth check-in (useful informations about trip, trafic jam, meteo, transportation tips)

2 years ago

One thing to add to this list is digital guidebooks. Hard copies create a great impression, but a digital guidebook is a very easy way to do it, and very easy to update. You can tweak it for particular guests as well and make sure that every guest knows when and how to check-in!

Here’s what to include in your guidebook:

  • Grocery store. For essentials like food, toiletries etc.
  • Coffee shop for your morning caffeine fix
  • Places to eat. Good restaurants for all budgets
  • Night life. Clubs and bars
  • Transport links. Buses, trains, etc.
  • Local sights like museums, parks and other tourist attractions

Remember that with digital guidebooks you can change them to cater to different guests. Consider that a 70 year old and a 25 year old will likely have very different ideas of what a "good time" means. A digital guidebook allows you to help create unique experiences for your guests. More importantly, it also allows guests to plan their activities ahead of time and figure out how and when to check in.

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