People love their pets. That’s just a fact.

Did you know that approximately 68% of households now report they have some sort of pet in their home? That’s right: 68 percent of households have a pet.

Now, it’s possible that many of those households have things like birds, turtles, fish or other animals that don’t travel well. However, it’s also safe to assume that a good number of them have travel-friendly pets, such as dogs (or cats, in some cases).

A good percentage of that pet-owning group is also likely to travel at least once a year and they’re going to need to find a place to take Fido. Boarding pets is pretty expensive and, like we said, people love their critters and don’t always enjoy being separated from them.

Here’s what we’re getting at: As a vacation rental host, it might behoove you to list your place as pet-friendly. Here are 5 reasons why you should be renting to guests traveling with animals.

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last year

We have been doing a bit of a survey (4 questions) on niches and dogs are one of these. Love to hear the owner manager focus on this and other niches?

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