As a vacation rental manager, your priority during the often-busy summer season is to deliver an immaculate vacation space to every guest without worry. These cleaning tips, brought to you by some of busiest and most highly valued team members, will keep your home shipshape even when guests are coming and going faster than usual.

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2 years ago

You either need to have an agreement with a local cleaning company who is informed of your booking schedule, or have a vacation rental management company handle it for you. Managing bookings and cleaners to come and clean in between guests can be done, but it requires expert organization and coordination. If you’re new to vacation rental management, you will find this tough, especially if you have high occupancy. It is something you absolutely must get right, because dirty properties with unchanged linens and towels will secure you negative reviews and put an end to your Airbnb business before it even gets started. Interestingly, if you didn’t value jobs like cleaning before, you certainly develop a newfound respect for it once you have to do it yourself – it's not easy!

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