Vacation rentals accommodating large groups are in great demand for many occasions and there is a reason behind this. These homes are often preferred over hotels, as when there are many people, you would not only have to book large number of rooms to accommodate everyone, and you would also have to make arrangements for their meals in the hotel. This could work out to be extremely expensive.

On the other hand, a large group townhouse or cabin is ideal and also affordable. It can be used for family reunions, employee retreats, holidays with a group of friends or even to accommodate family and friends during a wedding.

Preference for rentals over hotels is one trend that owners of a large group of vacation house can cash in.

However, you would have to portray your home as an ideal place for large groups and for this you would have to take certain measures. Here are some tips for owners of vacation rentals that will help them stand apart from other similar homes and ensure that they have low rate of vacancy:

Have a Catchy Headline for Your Advertisement

When you are advertising your property to large groups or families, the idea is to catch the potential traveler’s attention. Headline of your advertisementYou will be competing with other rentals, so you just have a few seconds to do this. The best way to grab a person’s eyeballs is by having a catchy headline that informs the potential renter about what is special about your property and why they should rent it.

Stage Your Photographs

Surveys have found that people on a holiday tend to pick vacation homes over hotels as it allows them access to all the kitchen facilities. So if you are interested in attracting large groups, you should stage your photographs to grab their attention.

Use the Advertisement to Describe the Experience Potential Guests Will Have

Rather than having a bland advertisement that just describes your large group holiday rentals, spend some time crafting an interesting advertisement that describes the experience that guests will have when they stay in your home.

If you want to ensure that your vacation rental for large group is in demand, you need to stand out from the rest. This means thinking out of the box and using niche marketing strategies that catch potential guests attention.

Use social networking platforms and other online and offline methods to advertise your vacation rental in a unique and distinctive manner.

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