Are you using social media to promote your rentals? If not it's something you ought to try: while it may or may not give you direct bookings, what a good social media strategy does for sure is give your vacation rental brand extra credibility.

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last year

Thibaults recommendation:

"Reposts photos from guests: Thibault ask them to use a specific hashtag and then reposts. This has been a winning strategy!"

Is successful for many.

It can be embellished and brought to the fore through various brand/product opportunities.

last year

neat idea!

Carla LodgifyCarla Lodgify
last year

Thibault has a great point! It's also a great idea to create your own hashtag, mention it on your profile page and remind users you have your own hashtag whenever you repost. Something like "Copy about the picture + Remember to tag your pictures with #ownhashtag and we'll repost our favourites!"

last year

Social Media is mandatory nowadays. And don't you think you'll have short-term results with it, because it's a medium-long term work. But the profit will come. Inbound marketing is so important.

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