Pricing is a delicate topic in the vacation rental world. Many owners hold tightly to the idea that the higher their rates, the more money they'll make - even when their calendars are completely empty of bookings. Owners who have always charged $295/night feel like they'd be "losing money" if they dropped their rates to $250.

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2 years ago

There are some really good points in this article.

Comparing your rental to others is tough. You need to accurately identify why guests are paying a particular price and it's not always straight forward.

For dynamic pricing, I've heard good things about Beyond Pricing 👍

2 years ago

Hey Arthur,

Thanks for the shoutout! I'm Head of Growth at Beyond Pricing.

For those of you that aren't aware of Beyond Pricing, we're an automated dynamic pricing solution for Airbnb and other vacation rental sites. We utilize real-time market data to ensure our price recommendations maximize revenue and occupancy for our hosts. We bring the same sophistication utilized by the largest hotels and airlines in the world to the individual Airbnb host, at a fraction of the traditional enterprise software cost. Our SaaS solution allows you to link your Airbnb listing, preview our year of recommended rates, and sync those prices directly to your Airbnb calendar.

We analyze data on a daily basis in each of our individual markets. Our price recommendations are created based off three main variables: day of week, seasonality, and local events. After our algorithm creates a competitive daily rate for up to 12 months into the future, we push our price recommendations once daily to your Airbnb or other vacation rental channel.

Feel free to demo a random listing or your own for free here:

Appreciate any and all feedback!

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