Not matter how hard the likes of TripAdvisor try to weed out the dodgy reviews, a darker side of human nature can sometimes play a part.

A survey of over 2,500 travellers has seen one in eight saying they have bribed a travel brand with a bad review in order to get what they want.

UK-based online travel agency asked travellers what they may have done in order to get what they want or benefit in some way during a trip – and got some pretty downbeat responses.

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2 years ago

The threat element seems to be born of the power of reviews. I would say the two have seen a parallel increase if graphed. On the odd occassion a manager ends up in a dispute there is always a guest attempt of last resort: "reputation battering" via social media and reviews.

99% of the time all can be sorted easily, but sometimes you get that feeling that some people are professionals in their approach and use that new weapon on last resort.

What they fail to understand that the online world is ephemeral and even if they attempted this, it is lost in the forest of data and slips quietly into the night.

A good response is to take the moral and professional highground and say that it is their perogative to do this of course, but the company will take a dim view on any libellous or non-evidenced statements and we will appoint suitable professionals to deal with the matter. The only thing more scary than social media is lawyers!

2 years ago

The saddest part of this article is the survey only studied British travellers. I hope this isn't a reflection of foreign and internationally travellers.

Although I'm not so sure...

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