Rather than sending the callers back to the same website or just giving them a list of available properties they could have found themselves, engage the caller in a conversation and investigate “the story” behind their vacation plans. Sales these days is all about asking the right questions.

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2 years ago

Good post. Correct on many fronts and this line is very familiar:

"So those who do call tend to be planning trips that are more complex, such as for larger parties that require multiple rentals in a close proximity, for multi-generational parties, or for families with special needs such as pets, health concerns or mobility restrictions.

These travellers need help and the advice is well presented.

I wonder how this can be accommodated in the future in an instant book world. I suspect the OTA corporations are wondering about this as many are high value ticket bookings. Expect more demands on information and distant communication. It can never (until AI is good enough and cleaned the toilets) be as good as a human at location.

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