HomeAway are pushing owners & managers to remove their property names from listings in order to reduce "leakage". We discuss why this idea is preposterous and how it doesn't apply to similar industries. Here's why you should promote your name and not become a faceless "no name brand".

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The HomeAway email has terrible English - so the "No name brand" idea is not very well thought out and is also terrible?

Don’t be a “no name brand”! Here’s what you can do… (great ideas)

Add a photo with your property/brand name on it Make sure your property/brand name is included in the texts & descriptions Ask your reviewers to mention your property/brand name Offer a bottle of wine or a free hamper etc, but mention it needs arranging before a booking can be made.

However, I wonder if someone who (is brave enough to book a no name brand vacation rental) books!

Then discovers your wonderful vacation rental has personality

  • and then realises they don't have to go via an OTA - less fees?
  • and then shares the place they stayed at to all their Facebook friends and Google+ circles (and other people focused platforms like Avroa and Rentivo)

will the big OTA have eventually then shot itself in the foot?

I thought the whole idea of OTA was to "help the guest and the owner get together to book more easily" and not to abuse their outdated hierarchical power structure to dominate the people of planet Earth?

great points Desiree. I agree, one day they may just go too far.

Home Away just shot one of my guests in the foot ( I will be a hero and go to her rescue of course)

  • for a charge they made to her credit card of $92.50 (she now does not know if she is coming or going with payments for her booking)

and Home Away have have not explained this charge to her (..mumble ... mumble ... fees more fees?) and I am supposed to be the merchant of record and then pay them their flipping fees!

HA HA are you having a laugh?

(Home Away Home Away are you having a laugh?)

From now on I will refer to Home Away as the "HA HA OTA"

Adrian HeadAdrian Head
last year

There is, of course, some logic to this and it all goes back to the changes VRBO have made in the way they deal with property owners. In the days you paid them a fee to list your property they were getting paid whether a client booked through them or not. Now they are reliant on the guest fees and owners fees for income so clearly they do not want potential clients seeing the property name, searching for it on Google and then booking directly with the owner.

last year

Really interesting article and great action points to help owners tackle this issue.

I'm curious to see what will come of this. Out of interest, do you know if this was a blanket email? Or just a reply to one customer's case?

I do wonder if HomeAway have shot themselves in the foot here? Emails like this will lead owners to push increasingly more marketing efforts into their own websites, so they can move away from HomeAway and keep their brand name visible at all times. And as you rightly say, @DesireeRatcliffe-Lattimore, when guests realise there are no/less fees by booking direct.. it's a no brainer!

Hi Jess. This was an email forwarded to us by a friend of a friend. It was not a blanket email (hence why some of the correspondence is pixelated) - but highlights Homeaway's train of thought...

I imagine it may have something to do with Airbnb having so many unbranded properties.

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