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Sirreti - Connecting HNI's to Luxury Accommodation

One of the biggest challenges to any top-end property portfolio is targeting that rarified atmosphere of "well-heeled" or "High Net Worth". Few people can afford the prices that the world's top accommodation costs, and how to reach them is challenging without the contacts, expertise, and knowledge.

OTAs are next to useless in this spectrum as the direct contact, need for detailed information, the personal hospitality approach, concierge support services, not to mention paying 15% more on an already expensive stay. Adding celebrities or high-net-worth individuals into the online data silos of OTAs is also not attractive.

Uncovering this new business was very refreshing. Siretti connects the dots and does not squeeze the booking pipeline with commissions, hidden contacts, or moderation. We asked the founder Wolf Worster, to put into his own words the Sirreti proposition.


Our property managers and owners tell us the most valuable benefit of being a Sirreti member is the networking and direct access to luxury travel agents, celebrity managers, family offices, and other 3rd party professionals who book luxury villas and chalets. We provide members with an annual report, Sirreti Insights, produced by our data analyst on VHNW / UHNW travellers who book private luxury accommodations.

We also represent our property managers & owners through exterior sales activities. This year (Q3/4), we will conduct sales presentations to non-member luxury travel agents, celebrity travel managers, and family offices in Los Angeles and New York. Sirreti is the only industry venue where professionals become engaged in the fast-growing luxury vacation rental sector.

*Please note Sirreti is not a booking platform, nor do we take a commission from our members.


As an exclusive members-only organization, Sirreti Community brings together some of the most innovative minds in the luxury market to network, converse, and collaborate.

In the Sirreti community, you will find property owners, managers, villa and travel agents, and concierge companies, all working together to drive the private luxury accommodation market forward.

Through ongoing training and certification, members can advance their careers as luxury travel professionals, property managers of high-end properties, luxury homeowners, and villa and chalet booking agencies. As a result, members can access those homes that make the Sirreti List.

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