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More or Less STR. Where do you sit?

These are a few of the most recent comments on STR's which are either bolstering the economy, destroying neighbourhoods, making housing unaffordable or.....these are all found in the Daily Mail, adding more fuel to the English rental fire. It is however a Global issue with many EU and US cities and destinations already licensing or registering owners and properties.

Try our poll at the bottom and have your vote!

'We need tourists to keep things moving': Residents of holiday hotspots hit out at government's Airbnb crackdown that will see homeowners needing planning permission to rent out short-term lets
Party's over! Airbnb hosts will need planning permission to turn properties into short-term lets in crackdown to stop holiday homes squeezing out locals and becoming hubs for anti-social behaviour
  • It is hoped the measures would stop individuals buying second homes primarily to use them for short-term lets

  • The problem has pushed local people out of ‘cherished’ towns and villages, said Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove

'I don't blame people for selling up': Tourist hotspot residents say Government crackdown on Airbnb short-term lets will do nothing to stop locals moving out

What do you think?

  • a) There are too many Airbnb's. It damages neighbourhoods

  • b) Airbnbs add to the local economy and more would be better

  • c) A good mix of Airbnbs & residential accommodation is best

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