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"Experience the Magic of Ancestral Stays with the Storied Collection"

With our ongoing interest in unique, luxury, experiential businesses, this one has a personal and historical flavour:

Storied is a soft brand collection exclusively for historic castles, estates, and chateaux hotels across United Kingdom & Ireland. Becoming an accommodation member of Storied provides quintessential historic accommodations for a globally recognized soft brand, enhancing marketing power, providing education and support, and allowing its members to remain independent.

The Back Story (In their own words)

Like many hospitality businesses, it started with a personal experience; Michael Goldin and his wife searched for a much-needed vacation as Covid rules worldwide began to subside. They dreamed of staying in a beautiful castle, but the search was rather tricky, and the historic properties were particularly hard to find. After hours and hours of research, Michael finally found the perfect property… a property where his family lineage could be traced! The decision to book that property was a no-brainer. This experiential feeling at the interaction of exploration and history led him to find co-founders with deep and rich experience (40+ years) in travel and hospitality to start Storied, a collection of the most richly historical and enjoyable places to stay in the world.

SmartHosts Experience

The Editor of SmartHosts was recently invited to a short-term rental retreat at Storied Estate: Gilmerton House, a Georgian Mansion outside Edinburgh in Scotland. Apart from being an epic event in its arrangement and people attending, the mansion house, the setting, attention to the property quality, and upkeep were impeccable. The ancestral heritage of the family, from over 12 generations, their stories and the collective ambience attached to this all create a special stay!

Ideal for a large gathering and expansive grounds, it will no doubt witness many enjoyable stays and create new stories for families to recount throughout the generations.

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