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Ahead of the Game

These are a few topics SmartHosts published in 2016/17. I won't say we were well ahead of the game (I just did), but I was amazed at how so many of these are not just still bubbling along but are significant influences:

  • Airbnb & Blockchain: Not quite yet, but decentralisation may be the Achilles heel now that AI is out of the bottle.

  • Eco-Friendly Rentals: No need to mention sustainability!

  • AI will change how we work: Now happening with a vengeance across content, legal, imaging and more! Previous archived post (2017)

  • Host Guarantee: Airbnb advocated this, and now AirCover is a major booking conversion factor.

  • Pet Friendly is important: No surprise there, and increasingly so post-Covid.

  • Mobile first: If you're not focused on this, its probably too late

  • Instant Bookings: Always was the master plan, and OTAs still struggle

  • 3D tours and immersive media: The technology is getting better

  • Negative sentiment toward Airbnb: Even in its glory days, this happened regularly, but their PR machine kept the wolf at bay

  • Removing property names (HomeAway): Another trend we all knew would happen!

  • Lots of new assets, classes and types of accommodation: Tiny houses, boats, submarines, it all came to pass.

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