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6 Simple Tips for A Better Guest Experience


A second home can be a great place to escape the often mundane and repetitive nature of everyday life. It can be your oasis to spend time with your family and friends at your favorite destination. However because you are not at your vacation home all the time, renting it out to guests can be a great way to bring in some income.

If done right, renting out vacation homes can result in incredible financial benefits. The home rental sector has grown tremendously in recent years due to the improvements in online listings and reviews that make travellers feel comfortable with the model.

A rental unit that stands out will always keep visitors flocking in, and that means making more money in the long run. By providing your guest with a memorable experience, you will encourage them to return and recommend your rental to others. Here are some tips to help your rental stand out to your potential guests.

1. Provide a free high-speed internet connection for the guests

There is hardly any guest that is entirely unplugged. Vacationists enjoy being with their laptops, phones as well as tablets available everywhere they visit. As a result, they expect a free high- speed Wi-Fi. They might want to update their status on social media or just get a little work done online, and they would need a convenient way to do that. In this century, if one does not consider offering free Wi-Fi, they should not only face the wrath of their guests but also realize that rarely would one consider renting such a place.

2. Offer high-end goods only

With current competition at its peak, furnishing a rental unit with cheap home goods will only attract will only attract a lukewarm response. Visitors are only interested in the best of the best that their money can get them, and they accept nothing less than the most luxurious option within their vicinity. Its total disappointment for them to get into a room with chipboard furniture or shoddy, mismatched old appliances.

Should one stock a rental unit or condo with a brand that translates their bank account? Is treating guests to high-end home goods mean that a home owner’s bottom line has to go pear-shaped as he or she invests thousands of monies on furniture, décor, appliances, and bedding? Undeniably not. Mid-range rentals can boast luxurious accouterments as well, while they make a profit. It’s a matter of how one shops.

A rental with nice and coordinated look to their furnishings can go a long way in the eyes of guests.

3. Ensure the outdoor area is enhanced for luxury

Vacationers love spending time outdoors enjoying the beautiful scenery, the cool breeze, relaxing around a fire in the evening and having a BBQ or two. Fantastic outdoor space is a huge draw for visitors- more so those with large groups, pets or children. And so, spending some time turning a new patio into an outdoor room worthy of one staying in will do the ‘magic.’

4. The vacation rental should smell inviting

The importance of odor and scent of space can never be underestimated. Science has proved that smell is closely linked to memory more than any other senses, and anyone that capitalizes on this fact should ensure their vacation rentals smell divine.

A clean space smell good, however, one can also provide diffusers to enhance a feeling of relaxation and comfort.

5. Provide a DVD player with various DVDs

A library of DVDs as well as a DVD player to watch is good entertainment in spite of being old-school technology. The Wi-Fi connection should comprise of an account with an online movie streaming site such as Netflix. If the Wi-Fi has an issue, guests can still use the old DVDs for entertainment. Adding this extra to your rental can leave an impression on your renters.

6. Gather a welcome package

Putting together a welcome package awaiting guests as they walk into the room goes above and beyond, and it can leave an incredible impression on the visitors. It can be elaborate or simple, depending on one’s tastes and preferences. The package could be a bouquet of fresh flowers as a hand-written note or a basket with rewards inside. Consider also putting together a list of restaurant suggestions or brochures that list local attraction sites.

By following these simple tips, you can help your vacation home stand out to renters. Let your guests fall in love with your second home just as much as you have.

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Holowesko Realty. She regularly produces content for a variety of Travel and Realty blogs.

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