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€2.15 million Investment in Rental Tools

With the help of angel investors and crowdfunding, Your.Rentals, a provider of short-term rental management software, has raised €2.15 million in funding. As part of this funding round, Your.Rentals raised €1.7 million from 200 investors through crowdfunding platform Seedrs. By achieving 128% of its funding goal, Your.Rentals exceeded its previous fundraising target.

Small property managers, agencies, and hosts often face limitations in accessing the same tools and resources as large operators, so the funds will be used to expand the company's team and accelerate the development of its all-in-one solution.

Andrew Martyn, CEO of Your.Rentals, commented, "We're excited about this new fundraising approach because it allows us to reach a broader audience of investors."

It boasts a comprehensive suite of tools, such as property management software, channel management, and guest communication, designed to help property managers and hosts efficiently manage their properties.

We provide local hosts and property managers of all sizes with a comprehensive all-in-one solution that includes everything from marketing and distribution to finance and operations, added Martyn.

A previous round of funding was raised by Your.Rentals in 2022, when it raised €2.8 million. Over 5,000 hosts are currently served by the startup, which has offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Vietnam.

Martyn says that he hopes to leverage local players to provide better services than big corporate property managers, and he wants to ensure that tourism profits remain in local communities. It is possible to make a positive impact on local communities and the environment by building a responsible and sustainable tourism industry.

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